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About Us

History of Rios Brothers

Rios Brothers was founded in August of 1990 by Felix Rios Sr. In the early  beginnings, we specialized in land clearing services and processing timber for the restaurant industry. This is still a segment that is operational within the Rios family. In 2009, Rios Brothers Concrete and Tree Service was formed by Felix Kevin Rios (goes by Kevin Rios). Kevin wanted to separate the tree removal side of the business from the land clearing services and venture into Concrete.

Today, Rios Brothers has been a leading expert in new construction concrete and tree removal. Rios Brothers is run by Kevin Rios and his brother Hector Rios. Kevin focuses on running the Concrete division and Hector specializes in Tree Removal.

Kevin Rios, at the helm of the Concrete division, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. His leadership has been instrumental in steering the division towards remarkable achievements in new construction concrete. Under his direction, the team has successfully completed numerous projects, ranging from residential foundations to large-scale commercial structures. Kevin’s commitment to quality and his keen eye for detail have earned the company a reputation for excellence in concrete construction.


Meet the Team

Kevin Rios


Hector Rios

VP of Tree Division

Christa Rios

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Rice

Chief Operating Officer

Casey Stanfield

Director of Commercial Concrete